Boulder Valley Aviation, Inc. is a company dedicated to general aviation.   Our goal is to assist our clients with buying, selling, operating and maintaining their aircraft.  As a broker dealer we are versatile and flexible as we are willing buy any aircraft as a principal quickly and hassle free or act as a broker maximizing profit on the retail market.
Through decades of being in the business we are well networked through out many marketing channels and have the ability to maximize market exposure getting our inventory in front of a large buying population.  We are experts in valuing aircraft which also allows us to maximize profits and facilitate a quick and smooth sale or when acting as a buyer representative ensure that you are getting a great deal on a quality aircraft.  We also employe talented mechanics, offer ferrying services and on the road pre-purchase inspections.



In 1994 Barry Barnow created Boulder Valley Aviation, Inc. with the intention of purchasing and restoring aircraft in the general aviation sector.  He initially began his career in aviation at the age of 19 when he first learned to fly.  He quickly progressed through his ratings becoming a flight instructor and going on to create a banner towing business in Chicago, IL.  After a number of years towing banners and maintaining his fleet of banner towing aircraft he moved into the aircraft sales business.  Over the years he has bought, restored and sold many different Cessna, Piper, Mooney, and Beechcraft model aircraft.

Jeff Barnow grew up at the Boulder Airport watching and helping his dad, Barry with the business from day one.  He grew a keen interest in aviation from a young age and began flying and working on aircraft as a child under the supervision of Barry and his mechanics.  After college, Jeff joined Barry full time in the aircraft sales business and is also an accomplished pilot and flight instructor.